Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Natalia Tendo by Cyberunique

The following is a fan art piece by Cyberunique on Deviant Art of my OC Natalia Tendo. Being one of my favorite artists on DA, I'm pretty happy with how well he captured the character. This full version is being posted here, as it cannot be posted on Deviant Art due to content.

Feel free to drop by Cyberunique's gallery on Deviant Art at the link below, or his HardInkGirls site and check out his other amazing works. http://cyberunique.deviantart.com/art/Natalia-Tendo-159002144


  1. How much didja have to pay for the commission?


Thanks for commenting. Please keep your comments constructive, as I'm still learning and growing as an artist. Right now my drawings take a lot of time due to the fact that this is only a hobby of mine. Thanks!